About Meraki Botanicals

MERAKI (meh-RAH’-kee) ~ noun ~ to do something with love, soul, and creativity; to put a piece of yourself into what you’re doing.

vegan skin care, natural hair care, & organic lifestyle products made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances, no unnatural preservatives. tested on friends & family, never on animals. made with ingredients you can pronounce straight from mama Earth.


after years of destroying my hair with color & hot tools, caking my skin with makeup (and not washing it off as much as I should have!), & tanning beds, I knew it was time to give my body a break and treat it to some love. this led me to research “home remedies” for my damaged skin & hair, which introduced me to a whole world of natural body care that was no further away than my own kitchen. I never would have thought of putting honey on my face or raw eggs in my hair but the effects of using these ingredients versus chemicals & synthetics were incredible.

a few years later, I moved from middle Georgia to the island of Maui, where I learned to appreciate and live off of the land. this was a completely different lifestyle and environment than what I had been around my whole life. the experience was incredibly insightful and served as a turning point in my life to a more organic lifestyle. I didn’t even want to spend money on products with unnatural ingredients made in a lab. if I can take ingredients I’m familiar with from the land & create something wholesome and beneficial for my skin and hair, it only makes sense to abandon all unnatural products.

every product I create is made with meraki in Black Mountain, North Carolina. whether it is for a good friend or someone I’ve never met, each product is created with as much love & care as if I were making it for myself. every ingredient is sourced mindfully, either from an organic, local, or sustainable source. I will never put anything in a product for you that I wouldn’t personally use. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from nature and to be able to use it for healing & beauty.

I can’t wait to make something for you to enjoy and benefit from! please don’t hesitate to contact me for anything at all ~ xoxo