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Ingredient Spotlight: Hydrosols

Jennifer organic beauty

Hydrosols come from plants just like essential oils, but are much less potent and concentrated. They can come as a byproduct of distilling essential oils ~ as the plant is brewed, the oils are released and then collected into a separate container. The leftover steam, which now contains the therapeutic properties and aromatic essence of the plant matter in a mild form, is the hydrosol. Being much gentler than the essential oil itself, they are appropriate for every body, and are safe to be ingested. While essential oils should always be diluted, hydrosols can be used as is, straight out of the bottle.


Unlike essential oils, hydrosols are water soluble (like the name suggests), meaning they blend well with water and won’t sit on top of your water based product. This makes them ideal for mist-type products, like all of Meraki Botanicals’ Toning Mists and Lifestyle Sprays. Hydrosols add a gentle layer of healing and nutrients to your skin. They can be used any time of day ~ in the morning for ultimate cleansing or in the evening for a divine pick me up.

What are your favorite hydrosols? Mine are and always will be rose & rosemary! Soooo dreamy.