eucalyptus peppermint cooling spray by Meraki Botanicals

Staying cool, calm, and collected this summer

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Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the long days and warmth of the sun on my skin. Everything about it makes me feel happy and serene. One reason for this love is knowing how to stay cool when temperatures rise. As the weather heats up, so can our attitudes, causing heated arguments and quick irritability. These tips will keep you physically and mentally cool as a cucumber (or pineapple?)

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1. STAY HYDRATED. obviously, the number one rule in staying cool is to drink plenty of water. not just “fluids”, but WATER. you need about half your body weight in ounces a day, so a 150 pound person would need 75 ounces of water each day. sweating and drinking things like coffee and alcohol further dehydrate you, so you’ll need to compensate. you can make it easy by adding fresh fruits or herbs (like cucumber & mint or lemon & lavender) and leaving them to steep in the fridge overnight. strain and sip through the day, adding more water when it gets about half full to keep the flavor going.
2. AVOID OILS. wait…what? isn’t the wellness community ALL ABOUT OILS right now? well, yes, but not if you have a sunburn! oils go on too thick and trap heat, preventing your skin from healing as it should. instead, switch to aloe vera and apply liberally. once the burn is gone, apply a thin layer of oil and always, always, always cover up in the sun!
3. USE COOLING SPRAY. Meraki Botanicals Eucalyputs Peppermint Cooling Spray is made with aloe vera, lavender hydrosol, and calming essential oils to physically cool your skin down while calming your spirit as well. store the bottle in the fridge for an extra chilly spritz.
4. EAT COOLING FOODS. Summer is definitely the best time to munch on things like cool cucumbers, juicy melons, and iced herbal teas. these foods keep your body cool and hydrated. herbs like mint, lavender, and lemon balm are ideal. you can make “sun tea” by allowing the herbs to steep in water in the sun all day, and sipping at sunset.
5. SITALI BREATH. this cooling breathing technique is done by curling your tongue into an O shape and sticking it out slightly. breathe in through your “tongue straw” for three seconds, close your mouth and hold the cool breath in, then exhale through your nose for four seconds. repeat a few times, then breathe normally. you’ll feel physically and mentally refreshed in no time.

eucalyptus peppermint cooling spray by Meraki Botanicals

what do you love about summer and how do you beat the heat? share your favorite tips below! xo