toning mists for dry or oily skin by Meraki Botanicals

Toning Mists: What are they & what do they do?

Jennifer organic beauty

I’ve used toners for years ~ everything from drug store to brand name to DIY. they are without a doubt my favorite skin care item. toners (or toning mists if we’re talking Meraki Botanicals…and we are :D) are quick, easy to use, and super nourishing for the skin. here’s the breakdown on this powerhouse product.

toners are usually liquid based ~ Meraki Botanicals toning mists are made with witch hazel, aloe, hydrosols, and essential oils ~ and are applied with a cotton ball or sprayed all over face, neck, and chest. they remove any oil or dirt leftover after cleansing, provide a layer of healing, and balance your skins oil production. additionally, the ingredients in toning mists work to reduce inflammation and bacteria in all skin types.

rose lemongrass toning mist for oily skin by Meraki Botanicals lavender neroli toning mist for dry skin by Meraki Botanicals

Meraki Botanicals toning mists are formulated for oily or dry skin: Rose Lemongrass with witch hazel for oily skin and Lavender Neroli with aloe vera for dry skin. witch hazel helps to gently dry up any blemishes without stripping skin while aloe hydrates, soothes, and repairs.

toning mists are ideal for those who want a little extra nourishment for their skin. not only do they cleanse the skin more fully, they provide an nice boost, allowing the skin to be bright, healthy, and glowing. stay tuned for the next blog post where we’ll be diving more deeply into some of the ingredients in these products.