Meraki Botanicals is dedicated to sustainability.

part of that dedication involves creating simple, quality, all-purpose products that can be used in a multitude of different ways. this eliminates the need for dozens of products you need to keep up with and helps to cut down the amount of waste we create everyday.


1. after showering, before drying off, apply gently all over body. if you can, sit for a few minutes and allow the oil to absorb into your skin – perfect time for meditation 🙂

2. before or after styling, apply a drop or two to the ends of your hair to protect and smooth

3. use as makeup remover! rub a few drops between hands and gently massage onto skin, around eyes and eyebrows, and lips. use warm water and a cotton cloth to rinse and wipe away makeup. follow with a second cleanse

4. squeeze a full dropper into running bath water and soak for 20+ minutes


5. makes a lovely aftershave – spray onto freshly shaved skin to calm any irritation

6. use as liquid to mix dry masks – twist off the top and pour enough into dry mask ingredients to get the consistency you like

7. spray on scalp and ends of hair to soothe and hydrate

8. keep in fridge or cooler during warmer months and spray around body and space to keep cool (best while camping or floating down the river!)


meraki botanicals flora body scrub bath soak

9. do a spa style foot scrub & soak – fill a large bucket with warm water (or run some water in the tub) and scrub your feet and lower legs over the water. let your feet soak for 10-20 minutes. warm up your most luxurious socks in the dryer while you rinse your feet with cool water – your feet will be slippery and the socks will make you feel cozy

10. scrub your scalp! this can help remove dead skin and product buildup while also adding volume to your hair and moisture to your scalp

11. scoop a handful into running bath water and soak for at least 20 minutes


12. use on cuts, scrapes, burns, and bruises. the herbs and flowers promote healing and reduce inflammation

13. gently pat around eyes, on eye brows, and eye lashes

14. after washing hands (maybe for the 3247th time), massage a small amount into hands, focusing on nails and cuticles

15. apply to ends of hair or bangs to smooth and soften

flora balm by meraki botanicals

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