Cleansing Your Face With Oil

When I first began my journey into clean skin care, I read alot about the benefits of oil for your skin. Nothing about it sounded good to me. More oil on my face? No thanks. My blemishes already stood out nice and shiny without even more added.

But then I tried it, because after reading it enough times, it begins to sound convincing. Not only did my skin clear up after about two weeks, I haven’t had a serious break out in years. I still get pimples or a cluster of blackheads every so often, and my skin still gets dry in spots sometimes, but nothing unmanageable. Definitely nothing like before.

rose lemongrass face oil for oily skin by Meraki Botanicals lavender neroli face oil for dry skin by Meraki Botanicals

Like I said, it takes your skin a week or two to get used to the change, because it is detoxing out all of the impurities built up over time. The oils used in oil cleansing come from botanicals – plants, nuts, fruits, and more. They are massaged into your pores and dissolve the old, dirty oil (because like dissolves like, right?), and get to work healing and balancing your skin. As dirt and toxins come out, breakouts and blemishes may occur. Continuing on with this method will balance and cleanse your skin to the point of glowy goodness.

Not all oils are created equal though, and what works best for some may be awful for another. Coconut oil is ideal for those with dry skin, as it can clog pores and cause breakouts on oily skin. Grapeseed oil, however, is a nice dry oil for oily skin. It absorbs quickly and is light enough to not clog pores. Jojoba oil is closest to skins natural sebum and makes a great oil cleanser for all skin types.

1. gently massage one or two droppers full of either Rose Lemongrass Face Oil for oily skin or Lavender Neroli Face Oil for dry skin into your face for about a minute.
2. wet a washcloth with hot water and wring out.
3. place the damp washcloth on your face until it has cooled, pressing gently for the first few seconds. pat face lightly with washcloth once cool.
4. rinse washcloth well and repeat steps 2 and 3 a few times.

For my skin personally, I like to use a toning mist after oil cleansing. What is a toning mist and what do they do? We’ll cover that in the next blog post.