My Morning Routine

I like to keep things quick and simple, even when it comes to self care. I’m rather indulgent, but also have a short attention span, which is reflected in my morning skin care routine. It’s fast and easy enough for me to do everyday, and luxurious enough for me to WANT to do it everyday. I start every morning by scraping my tongue, which removes any toxins accumulated from the night before. I use Meraki Botanicals Mint Clove Toothpaste, with coconut oil, baking soda, and bentonite clay to cleanse and lift stains. the clove essential oil helps soothe any dental or gum issues.


next, I gently massage a dropper or two full of Rose Lemongrass Face Oil into my face, using soft circular motions. I dampen a washcloth with really warm water, wring out, and let it rest over my face until it cools. the heat and steam allow the oil to penetrate into deeper layers of skin, resulting in deeper healing. after the cloth has cooled, gently pat skin and repeat the washcloth step two or three times. I’ll apply a mask a few times a week after cleansing ~ usually DIY clays, herbs, and honey ~ which I let dry while I meditate and then hop in the shower.


immediately after showering, I’ll toss my hair up in a towel and spritz my face with a generous amount of Rose Lemongrass Toning Mist (my favorite! read more about toning mists) and let it soak in while I apply Lavender Rose Geranium Body Oil all over wet skin. keeping your skin totally wet while applying helps the oil spread further and absorb more. the Lavender Rose Geranium Body Balm then goes on around my lips, nose, and eyebrows (my driest spots) and a few drops of Rosemary Sage Hair Oil goes on the ends of my hair, with just a small glaze on my roots.


I finish up by allowing my hair to air dry or blow drying & flat ironing it and applying plenty of lip balm (another fave!). Written down, it seems like alot, but when incorporated around the shower and done first thing in the morning, it takes 10 minutes and I feel totally grounded & refreshed all day. What is your morning routine like?

One thought on “My Morning Routine

  1. Marla says:

    After hitting ‘Snooze’ 3-5 times, I look at the clock, whisper “Shit!” under my breath and then proceed to the bathroom to pee, wash my face, and brush my teeth. ( I need some Meraki products for my teeth and skin!!) Then, after spending several minutes brushing the scary out of my hair, I apply some super fancy Meraki Botanical hair oil to the ends. The End.

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