In My Bag: Studio Edition

when going from studio to grocery store, a stress free transition is key. this comes easy with a handful of natural products that cleanse, moisturize, and heal my skin, spirit, and even my equipment.

1. Cleansing Yoga Mat Spray – I pretty much only ever do yoga, and lately, only hot yoga. after an hour plus in a 100 degree room, my mat definitely needs some TLC. made with witch hazel, lavender hydrosol, and a few antibacterial essential oils, this spray will gently clean all the sweat and grime from your mat, leaving behind a fresh scent. this spray can also be used for gym equipment, bicycles, and anything else that needs some freshening up (including yourself!).

2. Eucalyptus Peppermint Cooling Spray – whether you’ve been running in the sun, kayaking on a hot afternoon, or just working hard in the gym, this cooling spray is a welcome break from all the heat – internal or external. lavender hydrosol and aloe vera soothe skin while peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils cool you down. this also serves as a skin toner after washing skin. PRO TIP: leave in the fridge for a super chill cool down experience.

3. Sage Orange Deodorant – this won’t stop you from sweating (thankfully! your body needs to sweat to release toxins.), but it will keep you fresh smelling all workout long! simply apply with fingers before your workout and enjoy! after showering, a few swipes will help you move through your day clean and fresh. made with all natural ingredients.

cleansing yoga mat spray by Meraki Botanicals


1. Lavender Rose Geranium Body Oil – quick absorbing and super hydrating, this body oil deeply moisturizes your skin post workout and leaves you smelling fresh and floral. PRO TIP: don’t dry off after your shower and apply all over wet body. this allows the oil to go further so you ultimately use less and it soaks in quickly.

2. Lavender Lip Balm – the tiny tin is three times the size of normal lip balms, so it’ll last forever. not only just for lips, I apply this to my eyebrows and cuticles before heading anywhere. it keeps my brows looking sleek and my cuticles hydrated.

3. Rosemary Sage Hair Oil – my naturally curly hair loves this stuff! after showering, I flip my head upside down and apply 3-5 drops to my ends, then my roots. I flip back over, scrunch a few times, style, and go!

4. Peppermint Ginger Muscle Balm – sometimes, ya go too hard. or you don’t go at all for a few days and that first day back at it is, well, not so pretty. that’s where this product shines. apply to sore shoulders, hips, legs, wherever you ache, and let the infused oil and essential oils do their healing work.

5. Rosemary Lavender Dry Shampoo – for days when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a full post workout routine, this dry shampoo powder soaks up excess oil and adds volume to hair. apply a few shakes to roots and let sit while you apply body oil or cooling spray, then comb through with fingers, rubbing roots gently. a brush works well also!

what’s your favorite post workout routine? I’d love to know how you use your Meraki Botanicals lifestyle products!