Herbal Infusion: Make your own

herbal oil infusions are a gentle and wonderful way to incorporate herbs into your daily self-care routine. these infusions are made by soaking dried herbs & flowers in an organic oil for four to six weeks, allowing the properties of the herbs to infuse into the oil. applying oils heals the skin & nourishes the nervous system and adding herbs only increases the benefits.

herbal oil infusion by Meraki Botanicals

my favorite herbs to infuse are lavender, rose petals, and chamomile in sesame or jojoba oil for my body and rosemary and lavender in olive oil for my hair. not only do these oils smell amazing, they make my hair & skin shine!

1. place enough dried herbs in your jar to fill it halfway.
2. fill the jar as much as possible.
3. close the lid tightly and roll gently a few times to make sure all the plant material is covered.
4. leave in a cool dark place for up to six weeks, rolling gently every few days to keep everything mixed.
5. strain, bottle, maybe add some essential oils, and enjoy!!

chamomile comfrey, lavender, calendula, rose herbs

let me know how it goes! I’d love to know what herbs and oils you choose!