DIY Meraki Botanicals Hair Oil Mask

let’s talk about your hair, and perhaps how much you do to it on a daily basis. there was a time when my hair was colored, curled, teased, ironed, and pinned at all times. at the end of the day, it needed a lot of attention. think of your hair like strands of silk. if you rubbed them and twisted them and flattened them, eventually they would look ragged and dull. they’d probably rip & break! even the thickest and coarsest of “silk” is still tender and fragile. same with your hair. luckily, it doesn’t take much to begin to restore our strands back to shining silk.

rosemary sage hair oil to stimulate hair growth by Meraki Botanicals

enter Rosemary Sage Hair Oil. organic coconut oil & olive oil condition and hydrate dry hair while rosemary essential oil helps strengthen hair to prevent breakage. grapeseed oil and sage essential oil balance out the oiliness, making it ideal for all hair types. the essential oil blend stimulates hair growth and has been used to prevent hair thinning.

* 1 Tbsp honey
(nutrient rich & hydrating)
* 1 egg yolk
(strengthening & softening)
* 1 tsp castor oil
(hair growth &  scalp moisturizing)
* 1 dropper full Meraki Botanicals Rosemary Sage Hair Oil
mix everything vigorously in a small bowl. maybe add some more coconut oil or a splash of apple cider vinegar (if your hair isn’t colored). toss an old towel in the dryer. section your hair and apply the mask all over head, including scalp and ends. be super gentle as this mixture is very sticky! I like to apply it roots to ends and curl my hair on top of my head. wrap your hair up in the warm towel for an hour, then wash and rinse well a time or two and enjoy your soft, strong hair!