the salts used in the Flora Scrub are dead sea salt and epsom salt. both are anti-inflammatory and high in trace minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, and more, allowing the skin retain moisture. they help soften skin, increase circulation, and reduce redness & swelling.

epsom salt – magnesium sulfate

high in magnesium, epsom salt penetrates skin to moisturize deeply. it is less drying and irritating than other salts and can soothe skin conditions like eczema. as an anti-inflammatory, epsom salt can reduce redness and swelling from acne and other skin irritations.

dead sea salt – salt from the Dead Sea

dead sea salt contains 21 minerals that help cleanse and soften skin. the salt is beneficial for dry skin, as it helps to reduce flakiness and retain moisture.

when applied to the body, the salts can stimulate circulation (good for hair growth), clear dead skin (good for dull, dry skin), and clean out pores (good for acne). you can also scoop a handful into running bath water for a soaking experience – the Flora Scrub contains oil, so be careful in your shower as it could get slippery.


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