aloe vera is the gel-like substance inside the leaves of aloe plants. this gel is a gentle & powerful healer. we all know of its benefits after a day in the sun. it protects the top layer of skin and helps it to heal quickly.

aloe vera can be used to hydrate and moisturize skin & hair, reduce redness and irritation (like from a sunburn), and soothe dry skin. aloe vera contains vitamins c & e, antioxidants that battle free radicals, reduce scars, and protect against sun damage.

 it is a light moisturizer (good for both oily & dry skin) and the high amount of antioxidants keeps skin hydrated and bright.

aloe vera is the main ingredient in the Flora Mist. blended with hydrosols, this creates a gentle, hydrating mist for skin, body, & hair.

sunburn relief
moisturizing dry skin
healing skin irritations


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