undeniably, the best part of Meraki Botanicals products is using them (duh), but when you’re all done with the product, what’s left? the container, that’s what! what you do next is up to you, but here are some ideas once you’ve used every last drop of product and are left with an empty container.


Meraki Botanicals Refill Program

keep your containers out of the landfill & get a sweet deal on your favorite Meraki Botanicals products – send your empty containers back to be cleaned and refilled at a discount.

learn more about the refill program


completely clean and dry container, then reuse for things like :

– small vase for plant clippings
– holding bathroom items like hair ties, clips, & cotton rounds
– all containers are travel friendly (minus the scrub), so fill the clean, empty containers with your full size products to travel with
– reuse jars to create your own soy candles with essential oils


all of Meraki Botanicals containers are 100% recyclable – see the “end of life” description on each product page. check with your areas local recycling codes for exact details on where & how to recycle each piece. you can always send the empty, clean containers back to Meraki Botanicals for recycling through Terracycle.

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